Tropical Forest Research

 2010-12 NSF International Postodoctoral Research Award and STRI Fellowship

Following completion of my PhD with Dr. Ted Schuur at University of Florida I recieved NSF funding (OISE-1012703) to work with Dr.'s Ben Turner and James Dalling in lowland and montane rainforests in Panama.  The specific objectives were to assess how soil fertility and the type of mycorrhizal fungi influence foliar 15N:14N ratios so that these proxies can be better used as an indicator of N saturation.  Tracing the pathway of N cycling, and accounting for the sources of isotopic fractionation is the topic of ongoing research. 

The three links above provide details from tropical forest reseach areas in Panama and a link to the research I conducted during my master's research with Dr. Terry Henkel in the remote rain forests of Guyana.