Mondominant forests of Guyana

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    During my Master's research with Dr. Terry Henkel at Humboldt State University I worked in a unique ectomycorrhizal rainforest dominated by Dicymbe corymbosa. Be sure to check out his cool project website here.

    The unique, multi-stemmed, mast fruiting, ECM forming tree is host to a unique array of novel fungi.  I studied the role of that they played in mining litter nutrients and interacting with decomposer fungi during litter decomposition processes. 

    Mayor, J. & Henkel, T. (2006). Do ectomycorrhizas alter leaf-litter decomposition in monodominant tropical forests of Guyana? New PhytolPDF

    Henkel, T., Mayor, J. & Woolley, L. (2005). Mast fruiting and seedling survival of the ectomycorrhizal, monodominant Dicymbe corymbosa (Caesalpiniaceae) in Guyana. New PhytolPDF