Lowland rainforest of Panama

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    As part of my NSF and STRI fellowship I worked in the longest running lowland rainforest fertilization experiment with STRI staff scientists Joe Wright and Ben Turner.

    Here, I examined nutrients and isotope ratios of soil and plant N from plots that had been been experimentally fertilized for 13 years in order to understand how tree nitrogen isotope ratios and N:P stoichiometries are altered in response to fertilization.  Given many ecosystems are currently experiencing both anthropogenic N deposition and climate induced alterations of soil fertility it is important that we understand how leaf-level metrics are influenced by experimentally altered fertility.

    Mayor, J.R., Wright, S.J., Turner, B.L. (2014Species-specific responses of foliar nutrients to long-term nitrogen and phosphorus additions in a lowland tropical forest. Journal of Ecology 102, 3644 

    Mayor, J.R., Schuur, E.A.G., Wright, S. J., Brooks, M.E., Turner, B.L. (2014). Stable nitrogen isotope patterns of trees and soils altered by long-term nitrogen and phosphorus addition to a lowland tropical rainforest. Biogeochemistry DOI 10.1007/s10533-014-9966-1