Jordan R. Mayor, PhD

Plant, Fungal, and Ecosystem Ecologist

Most recent academic positions

Postdoctoral Researcher in Ecosystem Ecology with Dr. David Wardle


Faculty Lecturer in Botany, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Humboldt State University


Ph.D., Ecosystem Ecology, University of Florida, 2010; Advisor: Dr. Ted Schuur

M.A., Biology, Department of Biology, Humboldt State University, 2005; Advisor: Dr. Terry Henkel

B.S., Honors Biology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 1999

Research Interests

Climate Change; Ecosystem Ecology; Isotope Ecology; Mycology; Mycorrhizal Functioning

Fellowships, Grants, and Awards

(2011) New Phytologist Best Poster Award, 27th NPS: Stoichiometric flexibility in terrestrial ecosystems under global change. Biosphere 2, Oracle, Arizona, USA

(2010-12) National Science Foundation International Research Fellowship Program; $184,113

(2009-10) National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant; $14,884

(2009) Selected for Boreal Forest Functioning PhD Course, Sweden; in country expenses

(2009) International Association of GeoChemistry Student Research Grant; $1,000

(2007) Forest Fungal Ecology Research Award, Mycological Society of America; $1,500

(2006) Working Forests in the Tropics Graduate Research Award, UF; $4,000

(2005) Rumble Award, Botany Graduate Student of the Year, HSU; $1,000

(2004) Woolford-Hegy Academic Scholarship, International Rotary Club, CA; $1,000


  • Plant Ecologist, GHD, Inc. Eureka, CA, May 2016-present
  • Faculty Lecturer, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Humboldt State University, 2015-2016
  • Postdoctoral Research Scientist, April 2013-2015

  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Postdoctoral Scientist, December 2010-2012

  • National Science Foundation International Research Postdoctoral Fellow, December 2010-2012

  • Research Assistant, UF, summer 2009 & fall 2010

  • Lecturer for General Ecology, UF, fall 2009

  • Teaching Assistant, UF, fall & spring 2005-2008

  • Research Assistant, Quantification of mycorrhizal colonization in invasive plants, UF, 2006-7

  • Teaching Assistant, HSU, fall & spring 2003-2005


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Mayor J.R., Bahrain M., Henkel, T., Beugger, F., Pritsch, K., Tedersso, L. (2015) Ectomycorrhizal impacts on plant nitrogen nutrition: emerging isotopic patterns, latitudinal variation, and hidden mechanisms. Ecology Letters, 18: 96-107 

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Professional Presentations  

Ecological Society of America in Baltimore, MD, August 2015 (paper)

Humboldt State University, Biology Graduate seminar (invited), Arcata, CA, Jan. 27, 2015

Carnegie Institution for Science, Global Ecology seminar (invited), Stanford, CA, Jan. 20, 2015 

Ecological Society of America in Sacramento, CA, August 2014 (paper)

International Mycology Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, August 2014 (paper presented by co-author)

Ecological Society of America in Portland, OR, August 2012 (paper)

STRI “Bambi” and “Fellows” Symposia, Panama City & BCI, Panama, 2011/12

Stoichiometric flexibility in terrestrial ecosystems under global change. Biosphere 2, Oracle, Arizona, USA, 2011 (poster)

American Geophysical Meeting in San Francisco, 2009 (paper), 2011 (poster)

The Ecology of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi, International Symposia in Montpellier, France, 2008 (poster)

Mycological Society of America in North Carolina, 2004 (paper), and Pennsylvania 2008 (paper)

Ecological Society of America in San Jose, CA, 2007 (poster), and Milwaukee, WI, 2008 (paper)

Association for Tropical Biology in Miami, FL, 2004 (paper), and Suriname 2007 (poster presented by co-author)

Soil & Water Sciences Research Forum at Univ. of FL, 2005 (poster)

Western Mycological Conference, Humboldt State Univ., 2004 (paper)

Synergistic Activities

Journal Reviewer: Biotropica, 2010-14; Ecosystems 2016; Forest Science 2016; Functional Ecology 2013-16; Global Change Biology, 2014-16; Journal of Austral Ecology 2014; Journal of Ecology 2014-15; New Phytologist, 2009-15; Soil Biology & Biochemistry 2012-13; Plant Ecology 2012-13; Plant & Soil 2012; Fungal Ecology 2015-16; Tree Physiology 2015; and the German Research Foundation, 2013-2014

Co-Instructor of: undergraduate field course in Tropical Forest Field Ecology, UNACHI, Panama, 2011.

Research Awards committee for: UF Biology Graduate Student ; Spring 2010.

Guest Lecturer in: Introductory Ecology, Bioavailability of soil nutrients, Tropical Forest Ecology at UF.

Field Courses in: Boreal Forest Functining, Northern Sweden, 2009; Tropical Forest Management, Brazil, 2011.

Expedition participant and leader to: Pakaraima Mountains, Guyana, 2003-06.

Assistant Field Researcher to: establish remote forest productivity plot, Gorgona Island, Colombia, 2006, 2 weeks.

Subcontracting Botanist: surveying for rare plants and target fungi throughout the Pacific Northwest Coastal Range, Southern Oregon Ecological, Grants Pass, OR; 2001-2004.

Biological Technician: establishing wilderness sampling plots in northern CA, North State Resources, Redding, CA; 2001-2002.

Research Assistant: surveying for plants, lichens, mollusks, and herpetofauna, Eureka, CA, Six Rivers National Forest; 2001.

Wildlife Biologist: surveying for Northern Spotted Owls, Arcata, CA; 2001

Volunteer Researcher: Smithsonian Institution Botany Department; 1997

Mentoring Experience

Internship advisor of Stephanie Brakovics titled:  Quantification of mycorrhizal infection of roots from tropical montane trees of Panama; 2012.

Senior Honors Thesis advisor of Dat Nyguen titled: Foliar d15N patterns of co-occurring understory plants in black spruce forests reveal root symbiotic associations and source of soil N; 2009-2010.

Undergraduate Volunteer Project advisor on white spruce foliar d15N patterns in response to N and P fertilization with Rachel Rubin; 2009-2010.

Undergraduate Volunteer Project on measuring ectomycorrhizal hyphae from in-growth mesh bags with Dominique Ardura & Rady Ho, 2008-2009. 

Professional Memberships

Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, 2013

American Geophysical Union, Biogeochemistry section, 2009-2012

International Association of GeoChemistry, awarded member, 2009-2010

Ecological Society of America, 2005-2016

Mycological Society of America, 2003-2012

Society of Ecological Restroation, 2016